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How to Apply for the Salesperson Examination
  • Complete an original Salesperson Examination Application (RE400A). No changes of any kind will be made to application once it has been received by the DRE. Do not submit more than one examination application.
  • Determine the appropriate fee for the application. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Department of Real Estate. Do not send cash. DRE accepts credit card payment for scheduling of an original examination if the application is submitted by mail or fax. For credit card usage and fax information call (916) 227-0900. The fax number is (916) 227-0925 (available 24 hours).
  • Obtain an official transcript of the required courses in Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice and one other.
  • Applicants with physical limitations requiring special accommodations must submit a physician's letter with the application to verify the nature of the physical limitations. The DRE's ability to honor special requests is limited by scheduling constraints and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Mail the completed application, official transcript(s) or a copy of official transcript(s), and appropriate fee to: Department of Real Estate, Examination Section, P.O. Box 187001, Sacramento, California 95818-7001.
  • Wait approximately four weeks for notification of your examination date, time, and location. This information will be sent to you on an Examination Schedule Notice (RE401A). If you have not received your notice within four weeks, please phone the DRE Examination Section at (916) 227-0900. If you have a touch-tone phone, you will be able to access your scheduled examination date through an interactive voice response system or by visiting the Web site at
  • If you have not qualified at the time you submit your application and fee, you will be notified in writing and you will have two years from the date of receipt of the application in which to complete the qualifications and take the examination. If you do not qualify for and pass the examination during the two-year period, the application will expire and you will need to resubmit necessary qualifying material with the appropriate application and fee.

  • Do's and Don'ts for Examination Applicants
    • Do complete the application form correctly and fully, using your legal name. Any misrepresentations or missing items may result in delay in obtaining an examination date or disqualification from the examination. Transcripts should accompany your initial application. The name listed on the transcripts should correspond with the name listed on the examination application. If a name change has occurred, supporting documentation such as a marriage certificate or DMV print out should also be submitted.
    • Do inform the Department of any change of your mailing address. Any changes must be submitted in writing at the examination site or via a letter.
    • Don't send cash.
    • Don't apply for an examination if you are not prepared to take it. You will be scheduled for the first available date on or after the date indicated on the application.
    • Don't submit legal presence documentation or fingerprint information with your examination application.
    • Don't send duplicate faxes for the same transaction. This may result in your account inadvertently being charged twice and an unintentional rescheduling of an examination date.
    • Don't expect a refund or credit for any fees submitted. The Business and Professions Code prohibits refunds of application fees.

  • Taking the Examination-General Information
    • The maximum time allowed to take the salesperson examination is a single 3-hour 15-minute session.
    • The examination is a multiple-choice format; that is, you select a response from four choices of answers.
    • You are permitted to bring for your use during the examination a silent, battery-operated, electronic, pocket-sized calculator that does not have a print capability or an alphabetic keyboard.
    • Because of the need to ensure confidentiality of examinations, you cannot inspect your book or answer sheet after the examination session has ended.

  • Notification of Examination Results
    • Examination results will be mailed to you, normally within five working days after the examination. If you have a touch-tone phone, you will be able to obtain your examination results through an interactive voice response system by calling the Examination Section at (916) 227-0900 or by visiting our Web site at Please wait at least three working days after you have completed your examination before calling this number.
    • To pass the examination, you must correctly answer at least 70% of the questions. Since the examination is qualifying in nature, examinees that pass are not informed of their final score. Those who pass will receive an application for a license.
    • You will be notified of the actual score, and the percentage of questions answered correctly in each of the subject areas, only when unsuccessful. The overall score cannot be obtained by averaging the percentages. Those who do not receive a passing grade may apply for reexamination.

  • Once You Pass the Examination
    • After passing the examination, you will be sent a Salesperson License Application (RE202).
    • Within one year of the examination date, this form must be completed and returned along with the appropriate fee and a completed Live Scan Request form (RE237).
    • Out of state applicants must submit two sets of fingerprints in ink using FBI Applicant Card (FD-258).